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Toilet White Corner Sheffield Dual Flush Elongated

ItemID# 10688
$379 $259
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Corner Toilet Round Dual Flush White Seat Incl

ItemID# 13762
$379 $259
In Stock

Corner Toilet Round Dual Flush Bone Seat Incl

ItemID# 13763
$399 $269
In Stock

Toilet Bone Corner Dual Flush Round

ItemID# 17669
$439 $285
In Stock

Corner Toilet Round Dual Flush Gold Blue Trim Seat Incl

ItemID# 17676
$549 $369
In Stock

2-Piece Round Toilet Corner Tank Dual Flush Decal

ItemID# 20340
$549 $369
In Stock

Corner Toilet Round Dual Flush Gold Purple Trim Seat Incl

ItemID# 17674
$549 $369
In Stock

Corner Toilet Round Dual Flush Seat Included White

ItemID# 17668
$409 $265
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Toilets Bone Corner Toilet Sheffield Dual Flush Elongated

ItemID# 11836
$399 $269
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Corner Tank Toilet Black China 2 Piece Dual Flush Round

ItemID# 21832
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Corner Tank Toilet Black China 2 Piece Dual Flush Elongated

ItemID# 21833
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Displaying 1 - 11 of 11 Products
Lack of space in the bathroom? Have you designed your home in such a way to feature compact bathrooms? We have the right furnishing and fixtures for your compact, small-sized bathrooms.

Our range of cornet toilets and sinks will appeal to your tastes and preferences. Our corner toilet is made of grade A vitreous china toilet which has a corner L-pipe high tank with a pull chain. The protective reno-gloss finish protects the toilet against stains. Wih its ergonomic design and perfect height, the toilet helps reduce body strain and pressure.

The toilet helps in conserving up to 25,000 gallons of water per year and in turn saves money. It even has clean and quiet gravity-activated siphonic action. The corner toilet is available in various colors of black, white and bone cream.

Whether you are a bachelor living in a studio apartment or a family living in a contemporary, compact house, you can purchase these corner toilets for bathrooms.
Space-saving & Eco-friendly Corner Toilets
Space Saving Corner Bathroom Toilets - we have corner toilets for every need including our dual flush corner toilets with water saving design that beats the competition. Our Corner toilets come in black,white and bone. See our complete selection of corner toilets including our high tank pull chain corner toilets and our vintage and victorian style toilets here.
Corner toilets maximize bathroom space!
Space-saving corner toilets maximize small spaces. b>Water-saving corner bathroom toilets are available with either single 1.6 gpf or dual flush technology 0.8/1.6 gpf. Eco-flush and water efficient corner toilets conserve water and save you money with every flush. Upgrade to an eco-friendly toilet that meets EPA water conservation guidelines. Our bone, black and white toilets coordinate with our corner spindle leg sinks, corner pedestal sinks or corner wall sinks.
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