25 Most Attractive Lamp Shades You Didn't Know Existed


With recent boom in technology and World Wide Web, the bar for competition has raised in almost every field. And when it comes to home decor, the market's standard has skyrocketed in the past few years. People are cautious about every minute detail of their interior. And quite interestingly, they are now preferring every unique design available in the market. Considering this growing demand, the lamp shade manufacturers have also come up with some great unique yet attractive designs. 



The market, today offers something for everyone, ranging from stylish and classy to vintage and weird designs. While you can easily get the most attractive lamp shades online, you can also come across some offbeat and weird styles, which are also a buzz these days. 



Below is a list of some unique designs, which are hard to be believed, but these are lamp shades for sure! Do have a look!





This is an incredible piece of design, conceived by Yeongwoo Kim and has been christened as “Pouring Light”. With the design looking impossible to be used, the product has definitely raised the bar for modern day designs.


The design is highly inspired from a spilling cup of tea. It may seem weird, but this product can be moved around by actually holding the pouring liquid. The lamp shade is sustained by spilled tea and it lights up with the help of a tea bag. 




This artistic looking lamp appears to resemble an overturned bucket spilling some sort of thick liquid. In addition to, the attractive lamp shade appears to have no stand. The lamp shade is actually sustained by  the “frozen” liquid dribbling onto the table or down the wall. 




Tall&Tiny are two Vinyl sticker-lamps, designed by an Italian designer Alice Rosignoli. The shape of the tall piece resembles a large living-room lamp, while the tiny one looks like small bedside lamp. It is a beautiful decorative furniture and is smartly designed to solve the problem of ever-decreasing living space.


The sticker of this luminaire enables the transformation of a 3D object into a 2D one, thus giving the illusion of a lamp without the encumbrance of the material.




Garland lighting is an exquisite table lamp shade, which is the brainchild of  Tord Boontje. It has been designed by using a long steel garland of blossoms, wrapped around a bulb. This wonderful style of luminaire dramatically enhances the look of the roomyour internal or living room area. 




This kind of unique lamp shade may not appeal an average home maker, but it certainly woos those, who are keen on collecting unique items for their homes. This unusual lamp is the brainchild of Enpieza Studio, located in Spain.

The lamp has been christened as 'Colgao', which means 'hung' in Spanish. The anthropomorphic figure hangs from the horizontal rod of the lamp. 




Here's another great design by the same studio, which is basically a metal structure in human form. The figure is in relaxed form along with electrical cable stresses. 




The hurdle lighting is an avant garde lamp designed by Koreans Lee Suk Woo and Byeon Dong Jin. This particular design had bagged a special place in  2007 Lightouch Design Competition held in Singapore. the design can either stand horizontally or vertically, as per the user's convenience.


The body of this design features a sensor, which detects how it has been positioned. 




Did you know, you could make a lamp shade out of your old book? Have a look at this image. This recycled lamp shade is made by cutting out a big book. 




Recently you would have renovated the plumbing system of your home and would have left out with an unused piece. This design can give you some idea to reuse it in some other way. This unusual lamp is made out of galvanized iron parts.


It also features a tap, which actually acts as the switch of the lamp. This design can effectively make use of a 20 watt halogen bulb. 




This innovative design is created by stylist Paul Lowe. He collected some vintage China clay porcelain pieces from a nearby flea market. The entire piece is made up of teacups, bowls, saucers and pots. 


Moreover, this kind of whimsical creation doesn't require any drilling, as the cord runs behind the lamp instead of going through these porcelain pieces.




Little did the Illy coffee company knew that their coffee bean cans would be reused in such a way, when Rotterdam Ankie Wessels, who calls himself a waste artist created this recycled piece, under the name, Rubbish Design. 




Some things freely get through for being Eco-friendly models of recycled things, which would have gone to the trash otherwise. Such is the case with this Cassette Tape Lamp conceived by Transparent House.


Every lamp shade exhibited by this company is hand-made using 140 actual tapes, which cast amazingly pretty shadows onto the surrounding walls.




The wavy twists and turns of Kundalini’s Abyss table lamp may look like an intestinal tract, but there’s something about the ductile organic pattern, which you may find it intriguing.


The Abyss can be molded into a variety of shapes, because of its flexible segmented construction. Beneath its opalescent poly-carbonate skin, there are a number of bright white LEDs which provide clean, green illumination.




Looking for a companion at night when you're all by yourself at your house? This creative lamp shade is there to help you and keep your bed warm. Interestingly, the product's name is as popular as the design; Mary Had a Little Lamp




Have you ever seen more creative lighting solution than this? We bet, you would never have seen anything like the lamp shade Nuke in the past! This attractive table lamp was designed by Italian designer Luca Veneri, who had created it by using 3D printing techniques.


This exquisite loud-like lamp renders an unusual appearance of weightlessness, which can instantly grab the attention of your guests!



Below are a few more designs, which can surely fascinate you by the talent that Allison Patrick of Etsy has been showcasing lately. Allison Patrick's up-cycled Lamp shades have now become some of the most sough-after up-cycled items in the online lighting industry. Each of Allison Patrick’s‘s handmade lamps can be used as either a hanging pendant or a table lamp by simply adjusting the metal frame inside. 




In this design, she has transformed hundreds of soda can tabs into gorgeous glowing lampshades




This is another great design made by the same designer. This ruffled black and white lamp shade is made out of recycled plastic bags. Such items are ideal for those, looking for Eco-friendly items.




The Troja Arc Lamp is so gorgeous that it received the design-report special mention award in 2007.  The huge, arc-shaped lamp is designed by Germany's Hansandfranz Studio and features several individual LEDs in an adjustable aluminum frame, thereby creating a soft, sedate glow.




The Brooklyn-based designer Kiel Mead is a renowned lamp shade designer, mostly famous for his quirky designs and his innovative ideas in giving new meaning to trivial objects. After gaining huge popularity for his Forget-Me-Not ring, he has extended his ideas to the lighting world as well.


This Birdie Light, made up of a tennis croquet was conceived by chance, according to him. No matter what how he gets such ideas, but his creations continue to please his loyal customers.




The duck lamp, which is the brainchild of Sebastian Errazuiz, brings out the theory of art with respect to lighting. The head of the duck, which features the lamp can be elevated as per the user's convenience.




This little yet cute lamp shade takes design inspiration from old technology.  Its design resembles the antique candlesticks, which were used for mood lighting.  It also features a porcelain base to complement the overall look. In spite of its small size and minimal appearance, it’s still attractive and functional. 




This incredible piece of creation is known as FlapFlap° 10 and it blissfully challenges the laws of gravity.


This luminaire appears to hang freely in the air, as if it has been lifted by any ghost. It was designed by Constantin Wortmann in 2000. Its high-gloss poly-carbonate shade is designed from one piece, which is fastened directly to the lamp with two sturdy braces. 




The design of this lamp is greatly influenced by the tragic scenes from Titanic. This lamp was created by Charles Trevelyan and it appears to be sinking below the surface of the table. This is indeed one of the most attractive lamp shades, which radiate light across the room. 




This is another master-piece by Emmo Home, which is a pioneer in selling unique and attractive lamp shades. This product is known as Nod Light, which is a bedside table light and at times can also be used as wall mounted light. Not only it radiates light, but gives you space to keep your personal belonging before going to sleep. It has space for a book, your glasses and mobile phone. 




With a diameter of 185 cm, the Ociu light designed by Zava certainly makes a bold statement. Apparently, the word “ociu” suggests “pay attention,” as if anyone could ignore something this huge lamp shade. The light is made of methacrylate, commonly known as Plexiglas or acrylic. It is also available in black with a gold or silver leaf interior.



Well these are the 25 most attractive lamp shades, people are crazy about!



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