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Upgrade your bathroom toilet to our water saving efficent dual flush toilets or look at our standard bathroom toilets or Bidets. You'll love our decorative toilet seats and of course our large line of Bamboo toilet seats or our wooden series of tolet seats.
Water Saver Bathroom Toilets, Dual Flush Toilets, Corner Toilets, Bathroom toilets for kids & Reproduction High Tank Toilets & a complete line of toilet seats. We have a great selection of corner dual flush toilets and standard corner toilets. WE also carry toilets parts and toilet hardware like toilet bowl bolt covers, replacement toilets and tanks and toilet seat hardward kits.
Upgrade your old bathroom toilet with our dual flush toilet water saving dual mode design. that meets water conservation guidelines. Our dual flush toilet offer the power and the water saving toilet features you are looking for in one place. Browse our quality dual flush bathroom toilets here.
Eco-friendly, water saving bathroom toilets save money with every flush. Our eco-toilet line sets a new American standard for Toilet Dual Flush Technology from single flush toilets 1.6 gpf, dual flush toilets 0.8/1.6 gpf. and kids toilets 1.25 gpf. Our toilets hit the mark. Reproduction high tank toilets for vintage charm while our space-saving corner toilets maximize small spaces. Meet EPA water conservation guidelines and save money. Coordinate your bone, black and white toilets with our spindle leg sinks, pedestal sinks or wall sinks.
Recent Customer Reviews
Great price, nice look
Don Smith-Weiss

These are evidently handmade, so each one is a little different. This adds to the charm, I think, although you can't remove them without keeping track of where each one was, or the holes will be misaligned. I especially like that they don't have the large gaps between the cylinder and flat area, as the more well-known brand does. In early America, hinges that looked like that would've been a sign of an inferior blacksmith. I wish they were available without the powder coating; I'd like to hammer the edges to make them look old, then paint them lightly...but this is quibbling when the price is so good. The screws that come with them are slotted and small, so they're hard to screw in. I used drywall screws, and will eventually replace those with larger, faux-antique screws when I have time. All in all, beautiful hinges for a nice price.

door hinge

i hung 6 heavy garage carriage doors with these a few years back, still look like new. just ordered more. just remember they come in a pair for the price. i made that error and ordered double.

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