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Child Toilets

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Do you have a child sized toilet especially installed for your bathroom? We offer replacement arts for child size toilets which comes with a fill valve, flush valve, button, faux chrome plastic button and instructions. This kit provides quality replacements parts ample for one toilet.

These small toilets for children feature colorful applique which adds warmth and color to the toilet. These bathroom mirror decals are fun to stick and easily adhere to ceramic tile, sinks and toilets, They even adhere to wood and laminate. These applique stickers can be removed with rubbing alcohol. We feature these bathroom mirror decals in various images like pandas, bears and flowers.

Choose from our various types and varieties of toilets especially meant for kids. Built in the child-friendly way and decorated with colorful prints or appliques, these child-size toilets are easy to use and make it a non-messy experience for children.

Child Toilets

These child-size toilets are the real thing—for kids!

Watch Your Child's Confidence Grow!

Child-size toilets have a bowl height of less than 12 inches, there is no need for your child to face the unnecessary embarrassment and messes which arise when trying to use an adult toilet. Each of these child toilets will fit snugly in your standard sized toilet's existing rough-in, so installation is easy. An easy-to-clean fitted plastic seat is included with every child-size toilet. Find girl toilets and boy toilets, fun designs for all.

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