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Kids Toilet Seats. Get Potting Training started right with a Kid Toilet Seat. Easy Does It Family Toilet Seat works for everyone! Built-in standard ad...


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Want to make your child's bathroom experience a comfortable and non-messy one? We offer quality kids bathroom sets which are available in various colors and designs.

The kids toilet saves up to 25,000 gallons of water and is an excellent way of water conservation. It also means economizing on the money spent over water bills. The child-sized toilet is made of grade A vitreous China.

It has an easy to reach and fun top button flush. The toilet has an easily cleanable plastic seat which can be installed and uninstalled easily.

We also feature family toilet seat which has a built-in adult toilet seat and toddler toilet seat. It can be used by the entire family and flipping the child toilet seat is an easy job for your kid. We also feature replacement seats for kid's toilets.

With the help of these toilet seats, you can make going to the bathroom an easy and fun experience for your children. The toilets are decorated with designs of cartoons and animal figurines which will appeal to the child and make him/her feel comfortable.
Children's Bathroom, get child-size toilets and child-size sinks for the ideal Child Bathroom
Create a more comfortable, safe, and clean space for your kids. Kid sized bathroom toilets and children's bathroom sinks for your kid's bathroom. Shop small-sized plumbing ideas for kids bathrooms.
Perfect child bathroom. No More Frustration, No More Mess!
Your child’s bathroom will be safer, less intimidating, and personalized with our specially tailored toilets and sinks. Our children's toilets fit a standard 12 inch rough in and our children's sinks fit a standard 18 inch rough in, so swapping out your standard-sized fixtures is a cinch in most cases. Beware! Some of our competitors’ kid’s bath sinks & toilets use non-standard rough-ins that are not ANSI compliant.
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