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Children's Pedestal Sinks

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We feature a variety of pedestal sinks for kid's bathrooms. Decorate your children's bathroom space with cute pedestal sinks which are made in accordance with their height and convenience. The easy-reach height and sizing of the pedestal sink ensures less mess and independent usage for your kids.

The overflow hole of the pedestal sink ensures that the water does not overflow onto the floor. This pedestal sink is easy for installation and maintenance.

Children's bathroom pedestal sinks are decorated with cute cartoon characters, pictures of horses, kittens and flowers. The sinks are available in pleasant shades of pure white, cream and bone china.

The pedestal sinks are fixed with faucets and made of quality materials. The sink can be installed and uninstalled with ease. Fit for your home space, make your kid's bathroom schedule an easy and fun affair with these sinks.

Children's Pedestal Sink

You won't believe your eyes!

Not Too Tall, Not Too Short--Just Right!

These pedestal sinks are not only cute, but contructed of durable, easy-to-clean vitreous china. Painted models are illustrated by hand before the final coat of glaze is applied, so they will endure wear and tear without fading. Be sure to browse our selection of 4 inch centerset faucets to top off these little beauties.

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