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Clawfoot Shower Enclosures Floor Mount

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Buy vintage clawfoot shower enclosures. Find chrome claw foot shower enclosures and brass claw tub shower enclosures

Our floor mount clawfoot tub shower enclosures boast adjustable exposed shower risers and your choice of tub faucet handle styles. GUARANTEED non-drip and tarnish resistant our tub shower enclosures come in chrome or Brass PVD. For superior quality and durability our antique shower fixtures come with 1/4 turn ceramic washerless valves. Update antique shower tubs with floor mount clawfoot shower enclosures for that vintage bathroom charm.

Browse vintage bath shower fixtures to get the perfect claw foot tub shower enclosure.

A clawfoot shower enclosure adds the final touch to your claw foot shower. Our line of clawfoot shower enclosures feature a drip-free 1/4 turn ceramic washer-less valve. Select from LEVERS or CROSS tub shower faucets and from rectangular or oval clawfoot tub shower rings. The exposed shower riser is adjustable and includes a luxurious rainfall showerhead. Our clawfoot tub shower kits are available in tarnish resistant chrome or brass PVD. SAVE on clawfoot shower enclosures with FREE shipping on most web orders over $125.

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