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Dual Flush Toilets


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Eco-Friendly, Water Saving Dual Flush Toilets - Our dual flush mode toilets hit the mark. Our dual flush toilet design is tops in the business. Dual flush toilets that save water even in the high flush mode. Look over our large selection of dual flush corner toilets and start saving money and water today with our dual flush toilet line.
Dual Flush Toilets Save Water and Save Money. Our Dual Flush Toilet line set the standard for water saving. Eco-Friendly, Water Saving Dual Flush Toilets in many styles including Victorian and Vintage toilets. Our bathroom toilets with dual flush are the standard in water saving toilet technology. Specifically designed flush mechanism gives our dual flush toilet the power needed for flushing with water saving low volumes.
Upgrade your old bathroom toilet with our dual flush toilet water saving dual mode design. that meets water conservation guidelines. Our dual flush toilet offer the power and the water saving toilet features you are looking for in one place. Browse our quality dual flush bathroom toilets here.
Eco-Friendly, Water Saving Dual Flush Toilets Dual Flush Technology at the touch of just one BUTTON: Low Flush uses 0.8 gpf and High Flush uses 1.6 gpf which meet EPA water conservation guidelines Water efficient bathroom toilets SAVE money & CONSERVE water with every eco-flush. Coordinating spindle leg sinks, pedestal sinks and corner sinks available for bone, black and white toilets.
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