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Quality restoration hardware for your home improvement and restoration - Check out our selection of door hardware including Door Handles and Locksets, Door Hinges, door kick plates, cabinet hinges and cabinet knobs. We have a large selection of floor heat registers and grilles and hard to find radiator flanges.
Door locksets, door hinges, door knobs, door stops, door pulls, door knobs, door kick plates, floor registers, yard and porch hardware. Replace window shutter hardware and window hardware. Want window curtains and curtain rods? Update cabinet hardware with cabinet hinges, cabinet knobs, antique drawer pulls, glass drawer pulls, fasteners and screws. Organize with wrought iron hooks, brass hooks and chrome hooks. Sort out clutter with bath towel hooks, bathroom robe hooks and coat hooks-all here.
Enhance and upgrade your home & garden with a wide variety of durable, functional & stylish home hardware products! Shop antique drawer pulls and glass drawer pulls galore! Find door kick plates, door knockers and doorbells of all kinds
Create dramatic improvements in appearance, feeling, and functionality throughout your home. Whether you’re looking for period-appropriate, contemporary or timeless accessories, our hardware never compromises its quality, durability, or aesthetic appeal. Take a look at our complete line of door hardware, wrought iron hardware, floor heat registers and grill vents, cabinet hardware as well as our signature series door and cabinet hinges. For even greater value, we offer free shipping for most web orders of $125 or more.
Recent Customer Reviews
'Very Good Copy'

'These handrail brackets are a very good copy of those offered for years by Acorn Manufacturing. We had ordered a number from Acorn about a year ago for a renovation project. They short shipped us and assured us that more would be in stock soon to complete our project. That never happened. Acorn has in fact removed the item from their catalog. So I took a chance on these and except for one significant difference, we are quite pleased with them. The baseplate on the Acorns have a major dimension of 2 7/8" while these have a dimension of 3 1/8". There are other subtle differences (slightly thicker baseplate, nicer beveling, etc. on these) but for the homeowner, they are just fine. It is interesting that this Indian made copy is actually heavier and with a somewhat nicer finish than the original Acorns. Happy to finally finish the project.'

Great price, nice look
Don Smith-Weiss

These are evidently handmade, so each one is a little different. This adds to the charm, I think, although you can't remove them without keeping track of where each one was, or the holes will be misaligned. I especially like that they don't have the large gaps between the cylinder and flat area, as the more well-known brand does. In early America, hinges that looked like that would've been a sign of an inferior blacksmith. I wish they were available without the powder coating; I'd like to hammer the edges to make them look old, then paint them lightly...but this is quibbling when the price is so good. The screws that come with them are slotted and small, so they're hard to screw in. I used drywall screws, and will eventually replace those with larger, faux-antique screws when I have time. All in all, beautiful hinges for a nice price.

Nice Handles
V Diaz

Handles are very strong and of great quality. Style is perfect. Item shown has a sheen but the actual item has a rough, rustic texture. Overall, these handles will look amazing in my kitchen but would have rather had a smooth finish. I would recommend them.

Looks and feels like handmade antique

Beautifully crafted, heavy feel, definitely NOT cheap looking. Slight problem in mounting; needed to insert thin shims under the vertical latch holders to keep the latch from binding when opening. This was an easily correctible problem however and in no way detracts from the finished look. Would certainly buy this product and others from this vendor again.

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