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Heat Registers & Radiator Flanges


Rustproof, maintenance-free cast aluminum floor heat registers and grilles. Durable and sturdy steel floor registers. View our collection of antique r...


Made of cast aluminum our air return grille collection features a baked-on black powder coat finish. These air register covers are come with a luxurio...


These aluminum metal air registers mount to walls and ceilings. Screw holes can easily be drilled on-site for your specific application. Mounting har...


Radiator Flanges...


Reproduction Victorian style heat registers and air return grilles, floor registers and wall registers. Shop decorative floor wall register units of a...
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Heat registers cover duct opening of a room. They are available in varied styles and sizes. Some have spins that disperse the air and some are highly attractive. Known by many terms like air registers, cold air returns, floor registers, floor grates, return air grilles, floor grilles and vent covers; they control air flow in room as well as keep comfortable temperature in room.

They are available in different metals of cast iron, aluminum or brass. Whether you need traditional or contemporary deigns, you can get all kinds of beautiful guaranteed registers at our Renovator's Supply.

Upgrade your rooms with these eye catching register covers to enhance the appearance and value of your room.
Vintage Floor Registers with energy-saving technology and return air grilles in cast aluminum, steel and brass. Replace old vents that don't stay open with new floor heat registers from Renovator's Supply. Check out wall registers, where noted.
Vintage Floor Heat Registers with energy-saving technology, Floor Grilles and Register Covers in maintenance-free cast aluminum, sturdy steel and luxurious brass. Used for cold air returns or floor heat registers, our heat registers will look great in any room. Shop heat register units of all sizes.
Floor Registers, Heat Register Grilles - looking for that hard to find floor heat vent register grilles. This is the place for a large selection of floor heat registers with aluminum, brass and steel grilles.
Our reproduction floor heat register vents feature Victorian register scroll designs. Our Vintage Floor Heat Registers with energy-saving technology, Return Air Grilles and Register Covers in maintenance-free cast aluminum, sturdy steel and luxurious brass these floor heat registers give your home that traditional charm. Our energy efficient Control, Lock & SAVE let’s you control every room’s airflow with its infinitely adjustable louver assembly available exclusivel
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