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Toilet Seat Hinges and Bumpers

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Has your toilet become old and rusty? Does that unsteady toilet seat threaten to throw you off the balance? Avoid uncalled for injuries and damage! We bring to you quality toilet seat hinges which can be used for replacing the broken or old , damaged hinge.

Out replacements for toilet seat hinges are easy to install and definitely do it yourself option! Our replacement toilet seat hinges are made of solid brass and feature a tarnish resistant chrome-plated finish.

Another cause for concern could be missing bumpers in the toilet seat which might make you fall or hurt yourself. Therefore, we bring to you toilet seat bumpers which comprise 4 oblong seat bumpers and 2 round cone-shaped bumpers for the toilet lid. These toilet seat bumpers will ensure that the toilet seat becomes tight and safe for use.

We also offer toilet seat hinge pair which are made of brass and feature tarnish resistant PVD finish.

Purchase these top quality hinges and toilet bumpers from our online stores to make your bathroom toilets safe, secure and easy to use. We believe in bringing the best quality products to our customers and offering them the best.

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