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Door Bolt Solid Brass Flush
Door Bolt Solid Brass Flush
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Do your windows looks old and dusty? Have your once-upon-a-time charming windows lost their aesthetic appeal? We have a great solution to renovate your old windows and add a touch of novelty to it.

We feature a quality collection of sash window locks which are made of wrought iron and feature an RSF finish. The traditional style window sash has beautiful detailing and intricate carving. These window sash fasten windows perfectly and safely. Screws are included along with the window sash for easy installation.

We feature windows sash made of solid brass and an antique brass finish. It also features a RSF protective coating which ensures the finish lasts for many years. Fasten your windows tight and add a touch of charm & appeal with the lovely traditional style design of window sash.

These window sash are available in chrome, antique brass and polished brass. What makes these window sash unique is their aesthetic appeal and antique touch.

Whether your home is designed in the contemporary or vintage style decor, these window sash locks and lifts will bring beauty, charm and appeal to your home.

Enjoy the function and elegance of Solid Brass Sash Lifts and Window Sash Locks.

Functional and elegant window hardware parts, browse our selection of sash locks and sash lifts available in a variety of handsome styles. SAVE energy and money by replacing sash locks. Window sash locks help keep a tight seal on windows. Secure windows with window sash locks and prevent break-ins. Replace worn sash lifts and make opening and shutting windows easier and safer. ONE full year guarantee on all sash locks and sash lifts. Get FREE shipping on most window hardware web orders over $125

Replace worn sash window locks and avoid break-ins with our window hardware parts. There is no better value at any price for home safety and security.

Update windows with the timeless elegance of superior craftsmanship. Durable sash locks keep your windows secure and energy efficient. Elegant sash lifts lend functional beauty and sash pulleys add a touch of vintage charm. Enjoy the difference with easy to install window sash locks and window sash lifts. Opening and shutting windows need not be so hard. Browse our line of window hardware parts to find great value at affordable prices. Get FREE shipping on most window hardware part web orders over $125. ONE full year guarantee on all sash locks and sash lifts.

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