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Posted on Sep 22, 2016

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Your living room is the extended statement of your personality. A few simple, innovative thoughts coupled with advice and assistance from professionals will take your living room from mediocre to WOW!  The good people at The Renovator's Supply, Inc., a trusted source in home decorations for almost four decades, are the right professionals you can depend on. From chic carpet to the ceiling details or wall to wall decor, there are numerous solutions you can choose to make the living room a better room to live in. Let us look into a few areas where you can translate your living room concepts to reality.



True facts: good lighting design can create an illusion to make the room to look bigger. This simple solution is a boon to people living in small apartments and houses facing space crunch. If you can make the feeling that the living room is bigger than it is, you'll feel like you have space to spread out and relax. The concept of the contemporary living room lighting is changing pretty fast. Gadgets like your TV, computer, exercise equipment, game consoles dominate the living room, plus the living room is where you entertain your guests! It's the center of the day to day activities, so it faces space crunch often. The strategic placement of lighting systems can completely transform you living room space. Since you will be using the living room for reading as well, a real focus on the functional lighting needs to be implemented. The Renovator's Supply, Inc. ( has an extensive range of antique floor lamps, ceiling lights, crystal prism chandelier, table lamps, recessed lighting systems, etc.


The furniture selection in a living room has to be specially selected so as not to clutter the room. At the same time, utility and comfort should not be ignored. Whether it is magazine rack or music gadget stand the selection of size, colour and layout need to be perfect. The Renovator's Supply Inc. can help you to choose from wide range of living room furniture like Pine Wall Magazine Rack Heirloom Finish or Homestead End Table Birch Autumn Stain Endura-Finish with suitable sizes. You may visit for more details on the wide varieties of living room furniture.


Curtains can change to the total outlook of your living room dramatically. Not only the curtain fabric but also the hardware and accessories like curtain rods, hooks, wall fittings and the tie contribute to the overall appearance. You can choose from a variety of curtain accessories like Antique Pine 36 inch Curtain Rods and matching hardware from The Renovator's Supply Inc. You will be surprised at the variety of hardware accessories available like couplers and curtain materials. You may visit for the surprisingly large collections of Curtain Rods, Drapery Rods and Wood Curtain Rods |Curtain Rod Finial Pair, etc.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs can bring life to the living room ambience. Your guest will be astonished by the carpet's luxurious texture with the right selection. Carpets can be of a variety of materials from synthetic to wool. The interesting features of these rugs and carpets would give a soft touch. Carpets can be wall to wall or small ones strategically placed. The Renovator's Supply, Inc. is a reputed provider of living room materials from the right carpet to suit your taste and pocket. Please visit for the plethora of choice of Area Rugs, Runners and Carpets.

You can rely on in glamorising your living room more.


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