Reflecting on Mirrors

by RenSup Admin

Posted on Oct 24, 2016

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Humans have been checking out our own reflections for centuries. The first mirrors used by people were most likely pools of dark, still water, or water collected in a primitive vessel of some sort. We've since moved on from the bowls of water to sheets of mirrored glass, but manufactured mirrors have some exacting requirements. A mirror must have a very flat surface (preferably reflective), and a surface roughness smaller than the wavelength of the light. Any small imperfections in the glass can produce weird reflections.

Due to the difficulty of manufacturing them, mirror ownership was once limited to the rich and powerful. Venetian mirrors were world famous, and silver coated mirrors came into being as late as 1835. Mercury was once used in mirror making but was withdrawn later due to the toxicity of Mercury. Aluminium is also used for mirrors. Thankfully, mirrors today are made from non-toxic metals and are available at a price you can afford without being a Venetian Noble.

Renovator's Supply manufactures and supply a wide range of mirrors for the bathroom, dressing room, beautiful ones, etc. at You can depend on Renovator's Supply‘s almost forty years of reputation and history.  We provide a broad range of mirrors in different shapes, colors, frames and sizes.

Our Magnified Reverse Swivel Vanity Mirrors is double sided to give you maximum utility with two different levels of magnification. They are made of cast brass and comes with a protective finish.  

The Peg Shelf Mirror Bayberry Green Pine is another innovative idea. They are made of solid pine with Bayberry Green painted finish measuring 25 1/2 H x 32 1/2 W.  For bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms, you can choose Gilded gold colour finish mirrors. They give a grand appearance and illusion of space.

The frame of the mirror should spell class. The shape can be conventional square or rectangular, but the oval shape would look grand. Maybe you can opt for frameless mirrors as well. The colour of the frame can have a full option as much as the designs, engraving, etc. The dressing room mirror can be full-length configuration. A pearl-white crackle finish wall mirror to match other crackle bath accents, or to stand out on its own would be highly appreciated.

You can bring in a bit of bygone Victorian era with the Victorian Camella Mirror in ceramic measuring 6 in. across and 8 in top to bottom. This mirror is made from hand finished ceramic. An antique solid brass mirror shall be a substantial investment to bring elegance to your home. The colour of the mirror frame shall merge with the room colour scheme. A well placed and designed mirror should enhance the appearance of the room manifold. You need not go on searching for the right reflection as Rensup is there to help you.

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