The Importance of Hinges and Wrought Iron Door Hinges

by RenSup Admin

Posted on Jun 24, 2013

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Door hinges are the most essential parts of home architecture. Without hinges, opening the doors, car doors and cabinets would be very difficult. These might have been very invisible throughout your lifetime, but with this article discussing about wrought iron door hinges, you will probably give them serious thought.



They are indistinct and small, but are very useful from the refrigerator to cellar door you use them in everyday life. Hinges are the second most important inventions after the wheels. Now there are varied models and designs of hinges available in the market with their increasing demand.


You can find a variety of wrought iron hinges at our Renovator’s Supply. You should be very careful about coordinating the hinges with right door knobs. This can fetch a very good impression about you. 


Sometimes, deciding hinges will become a very difficult task as you might want them to categorize accordingly to commercial and residential use. There are various types of functional and decorative door hinges including butt hinge, radius hinges, strap hinges, spring hinges and many more. 


Also, hinges of various colors and sizes are available that help you fit accordingly to your interior decors and needs. 



Strap hinges are one of the beautiful and sturdy hinges which offer authentic period detailing for the Colonial charm. Our item no: 21013 can be one of your choices for adding a touch of decoration to your doors, cabinets, hardware furniture and more. 


The bean strap of this hinge measures 18 inches and can be easily installed because of the flush mount. The strap hinge is protected with RSF black coat finish. 


Our selection of wrought iron hinges include heart strap hinge, dummy hinge, wrought iron pintle hinge, wrought iron tee hinge, gate hinge plus more. 

These hinges easily fit into the compartment of the yielding, therefore giving the door a perfect swing when in use. Our rich decorative designs can certainly add value to your hardware furnishings. 


Why delaying then? Replace your door hinges, cabinet door hinges and whatever required with this vintage collection of charming wrought iron door hinges. Browse our online catalogue to know more about the hardware items for your home improvement and restoration project. 

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