Vessel Sinks: Flexible Classics

by RenSup Admin

Posted on Oct 3, 2016

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Everyone knows that fashion is cyclical. Each year there's a new "favorite" whether it's in cars, clothing or interior design. What many people don't seem to understand is that when when a specific style goes out, it always comes back into play later in the fashion cycle. Take vessel sinks: they used to be considered unfashionable and out of date, but they're now a chic retro touch that's cropping up in many homes. What used to be old and grimy is made new once again.

Vessel sinks might be coming back into fashion, but that's not the only reason to spring for one of these compact basins. Since these sinks complement different lavatory styles, they're a great investment for anyone who's unsure exactly how they want to decorate their bathroom.

When you stroll into a shower showroom, odds are that you'll end up appreciating one or more vessel restroom sinks. You think to yourself, "Gosh, this vessel sink is excellent, but is it ideal for my family's needs?" For those of you who just aren't sure, let's talk about some advantages of a vessel sink.


Everybody wants their home to be welcoming and stylish, even if you're the dinner party type. We take pride in all that we do, and our house is an awesome way to demonstrate that. Vessel Sinks are a unique conversation piece that can really make your home stand out, and the space you save will make you bathroom way more comfortable to use!

Less Hassle

Sometimes we may love something when we purchase it and place it in our home, but years later we feel that it's lots some of it's charm. Everybody needs a change sometimes, but theses changes can be very inconvenient and difficult to justify. Fortunately, vessel sinks are easy to swap in and out without making changes to what's set up under the counter. For instance, say your guest bathroom is all metal but you decide to change it to an ocean theme with blue tones. You do that without much of a stretch by swapping your brass vessel aink with one made of blue glass.



Vessel sinks are available in a variety of shapes, from traditional round or oval sinks to more exotic designs like triangles and flower shapes. They also come in a variety of materials, especially china, tempered glass, metal or stone. This flexibility means there's a vessel sink for any interior design theme, whether you want a stone-heavy natural feel or a modern bathroom with lots of stainless steel. Vessel sinks don't include faucet holes; the faucet hole should be installed in your counter instead, meaning that these sinks will work with any faucet you care to use.


More Room

Vessel sinks' small size give the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it really is. They manage to save counter space and create this illusion without ruining their practical value; you probably won't even notice that your basin is smaller! Besides making the room look bigger, vessel sinks also free up counter space for toiletries and decorations as opposed to a more traditional in-counter sink.


A few planners and interiot designers suggest vintage bowls, earthenware, or copper vessels. These sinks reduce the cost of the chance to re-purpose vintage, remarkable, or greatly cherished bits of furniture as vanities. With a little DIY acumen, many pieces of furniture can be upcycled into a quality, stylish bathroom vanity, and a vessel sink is extremely compatible with a setup like that!



Vessel sinks are incredibly easy to remove and replace, unlike standard in-counter sinks. In the event that you get tired of a glass vessel, your handyman or contractual worker can quickly and easily swap it out for one made of an alternate material. You can even do it yourself! Vessel sinks today may come in brushed nickel, copper, glass, porcelain, or stone; the opportunities are endless.

That’s why you must go for a vessel sink and make your home more suitable and beautiful.


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