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Ornate White Urethane Chapman Cornice
Item ID # 11589
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$ 39 $ 29
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Simple Cornice White Urethane 2 3/4" H Oakham
Item ID # 11458
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$ 27 $ 13.50
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Ornate Cornice White Urethane 96" L Queensborough
Item ID # 11197
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$ 29.99 $ 24.99
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Ornate White Urethane Foam Pleasant Valley Cornice
Item ID # 11386
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$ 27 $ 16
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Cornice White Urethane Willamette 3“ H Ornate
Item ID # 11387
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$ 32 $ 17
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Ornate Cornice White Urethane 3" H St. Albans
Item ID # 11355
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$ 44 $ 23
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Ornate White Cornice Urethane Foam Londonderry
Item ID # 11358
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$ 54 $ 45
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Displaying 865 - 912 of 1305 Products
Design Accents and Architectural Accents Galore. Shop ceiling medallions, outdoor garden decor, molding, kitchen corbels, niches, door pediments and door casing. Update any room with wallpaper, ceramic tile, tin ceiling tile, copper ceiling tile and area rugs. Display your Christmas stocking collection with our unique stocking hanger and many more design ideas and solutions. From kitchen sinks to carpet rods we have it all.
Shop Renovator’s Supply for architectural accents that make a house your home. Find ceiling medallions, molding, kitchen corbels, recessed lighting trim. Building a bar? Check out our selection of bar rail, foot rests and handrails. Want carpet rods? How about rug runners, braided rugs and traditional area rugs? Do-it-yourself ceiling tiles including copper ceiling tile available here. View our selection of wallpaper. Don’t forget to browse our outdoor garden decor and collection of weathervanes
Browse our selection of handrails, bar foot rails and bar brackets to make the perfect railing system and home bar. Secure rug runners with stair carpet rods. Browse kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets and kitchen accessories galore. Shop outdoor garden decor, weathervanes, mailboxes, garden plaques, planters and more design accents.
Enhance your home with quality design accents by Renovator’s Supply. From floor rugs to ceiling tiles we have all your home decoration needs. Our large selection of rugs offers country braided rugs to traditional area rugs. Browse our line of ceiling medallions, molding, kitchen corbels, and other architectural accents for a distinctive touch. Add a luxurious brass bar rail crafted of quality brass or chrome tubing made to last a lifetime. Install carpet rods to secure stair runners. Browse do-it-yourself tin ceiling tiles, copper ceiling tiles, ceramic tiles and more.
Recent Customer Reviews
Love it!

Looks so pretty on our new door!

Amazon Customer

Looks awsomeVery happy with new look


These are attractive and easy to hang. I used them for speaker shelves. They were easy to mount with wall anchors and are solid. I like them a lot. Pretty when you look, but unobtrusive.

The best polisher for household chrome!
Miss Fatty

Ive loved these chrome candle holders since childhood—my mother got them in Germany in the seventies and they were always on our holiday table. I found them again after years in storage and they were dull and tarnished. I’ve tried everything the hardware store had for refinishing chrome or silver or any metal and nothing worked very well. They got slightly cleaner but never gleamed the way I remembered them. Then I found this stuff. I figured, it’s also from Germany so maybe this will work. Check out these photos! It works wonderfully! It was not an easy task—but with proper diligence and elbow grease and tons of clean rags (which became unbelievably filthy as the job wore on—I started the job after using other metal cleaners so I didn’t think they were THAT tarnished) they are back to their former glory.

Charming Rug!
Michelle W.

Thick and plush, this rug doesn’t disappoint.

Very simple design
Jackey M

I bought a 3-chain glass light shade and hardware for my bedroom ceiling light. The base of the hardware is 5" in diameter and I did not want a ceiling medallion. So I found these spot light trims with a 5" inside diameter hole and a 9" outside diameter. Very simple design won't take away from my shade. I bought a second one for my kitchen ceiling light.

Good solid sign

Great product nice and solid and fast delivery

Nice for the garden but not too accurate for telling time
Lorraine Sullivan

This is a unique, picturesque addition to the garden; I ordered a stand for mine. I always wanted to see how well a sundial works; at least with this one, don’t plan on using it to tell time! I had to research on the Internet how to position a sundial but the instructions ranged from vague to mind-boggling. Finally I just used my watch to position this sundial to the right time. When I’m in the garden and look to see what time it shows, it’s usually wrong by about an hour.

These are great!
Kimberly T.

Super easy to install and look great on the ceiling!

Absolutely gorgeous and would buy again

Absolutely gorgeous and would buy again

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