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4 Child's Small Porcelain Toilet Potty Training Ceramic China
Item ID # 41886
Child Toilets - (4) pieces This listing is for the Renovator's Supply child's ceramic potty training toilet. This small porcelain toilet is perfect for potty training your toddler (recommended for ages 2-6). The one-piece toilet is constructed from...
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Columbia - Bone Dual Flush One Piece Toilet - Elongated
Item ID # 16554
One Piece Toilets - Dual Flush Toilets Columbia One Piece Toilet Side Flush: By using Dual Flush technology the EPA estimates homeowners save up to 25,000 gal. of water a year. How? Use 0.8 LOW flush for liquids & 1.6 HIGH flush for solid waste. Con...
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$499.00 $429.00
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2 Child's White Round Small Toilet Set of 2
Item ID # 41837
Child Toilets - (2) pieces This child's white china toilet is a charming addition to your child's bathroom. Featuring scaled-down construction for ease of use, this is exactly the fixture you need to complete your bathroom. Renovator's Supply toilets...
$798.00 $474.99
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1 - 3 of 3 Items
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