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Cat ID-690 |Corner Protector

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Hardwood Corner & Edge Guard 39-1/2 Inch x 1 Inch Dia. 90 Degree Notch
Item ID # 92713
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$ 35 $ 34.99
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Light Hardwood Edge & Corner Guards Unfinished 1 Inch Diameter
Item ID # 92714
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$ 40 $ 34.99
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Corner Guards Bright Solid Brass 1 15/16"H 90 degrees
Item ID # 10622
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$ 30 $ 23
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Corner Cuards Chrome Brass 36"H x 1" Proj
Item ID # 10183
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$ 52 $ 46
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Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 Product
Functional Refinements Preserve & Protect
Protect your walls & furniture with our Corner Protectors
Vintage styling reproduced in Brass & Oak for a truly authentic look.
Form follows function in our traditionally styled Wall Corner Guards, which are as decorative as they are useful.Enhance your home with Solid Brass and Solid Oak in Classic or Decorative styles while you protect your biggest investment.Brass corner guards look and work great on furniture, too, for all your restoration projects.
Recent Customer Reviews
Nice product
Mary C.

Took the stain well. Easy to install. No problems.

They are beautiful and easy to put together and stain.

I am very pleased with these corner protectors. I read reviews before I purchased them. I don't know why some said they not a good product. It Cleary states they come in two pieces. They were very easy to attach together with a small amount of wood glue. They were smooth and did not require any sanding. I stained them the color I wanted and put a couple of coats of polyurethane on them . They are beautiful and compliment my wall . Way better than those clear plastic ones or the plastic wood ones that dent when something bumps them.

Wonderful Corner Protectors!

Loved everything about our perfect corner protectors, Thanks!!!!!!!!

Tamer Shabana

Perfect product and crafted with perfection.

Nice looking product.

Sanded and perfect looking

Ready to paint, stain and install.

Perfectly sanded and ready to paint.

Disappointing Seller neglects these are two piece segments,warped,.not worthy for staining.

Seller did not include in their description that the mouldings would arrive in two piece segments.
With patience, they assembled.
Unfortunately, they are not matching at the joint,causing them to be uneven, and set on corner with substantial gap. This was on a plumb corner in new construction. There are also chips at the joints. Wood filler will be nessesary to correct the visable defects. Clearly seconds, which is probably why the price n point is lower, still not worth the price when you consider the labour and needed wood filler. Do not buy if you want to stain. These will to be painted.
A bit disappointed, as Renovator Supply typically sells a goid product.

Five Stars

Great item, well worth the price.

Disappointed in quality, no response from company.

Form not consistent from one guard to another which is not good when used in the same area. Each comes in two pieces which have to be put together with dowels that are too large for the holes drilled for them. Had to whittle them down. Small chips that cannot be sanded out even though very well packaged, so they left the company in that condition. Wrote to the company twice...no response. Poor customer service.

Made in china

Pros:These look great. Solid hardwood but you have to sand them smooth before painting or staining.
Cons: They are two pieces not one and they are made in china. Pricey for a Chinese product.

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