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Have Renovator's Supply products drop-shipped to your customers

The Renovator's Supply Web Partner program is the easiest way for you to generate sales through your website. Here's how it works:

  • Fill out a simple sign-up form.
  • Load prepared product descriptions and photos onto your site from our easy-to-use database.
  • Watch the sales roll in!

You can earn generous commissions (up to 15%) for any sales that come to us through your site. But your commission doesn't end with the first sale. We will track every customer you bring us and continue to pay you a commission on anything they buy in the future, even if they don't come through your site the next time they buy!

The Renovator's Supply Web Partner program is a "drop-ship" program. How does drop-shipping work?

  • All you have to do is post the products on your site, we'll handle all the heavy lifting.
  • We ship the products to the consumer.
  • You get a great commission without having to leave your home!

We offer two different drop-ship programs; Merchant Drop-Ship and Drop-Ship Affiliate.

With our Merchant Drop-Ship Program you'll process the credit cards and place the orders with Renovator's Supply, then we'll ship the products to your customers. It's hassle-free and you'll receive a generous commission while sitting at your desk! In addition to being quick and easy to set-up our Merchant Program features the following benefits:

- You maintain your own brand identity. Since your customers will never leave your site they will be able to continue shopping for other products on your site.

- You can set whatever prices you want, but not below the rensup website price.

If you want a program with even fewer hassles, consider our Drop-Ship Affiliate program. Unlike our merchant program you won't be able to set your own prices, but consider the following benefits:

- Not only will we handle the shipping, we'll even process the credit cards

- Renovator's Supply will absorb the risk of credit card fraud.

No matter which option you choose, we continue to market to your customer's after the sale and, because consumers love our top quality products, you can count on customers to buy again. Our marketing includes:

  • Direct email campaigns that offer special sales to our valued customers.
  • Aggressive web marketing campaigns.
  • Print advertising.
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