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Cat ID-1975 |Boot Scraper

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Antique Vintage Boot Scraper Black Wrought Iron
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Wrought Iron Boot Scraper With Replaceable Brushes 12"W
Item ID # 21135
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Recent Customer Reviews
Be sure to understand how small these are.
George J. Snyder

They're TINY, but installed with a little imagination and they perform just fine.

Five Stars

Perfect for my needs...sturdy ..

Great little scraper

Great little scraper. Extremely small. I knew that from dimensions. If they made it twice bigger (12 inches wide) it would be awesome product. It comes with two screws. Now I would probably purchase concrete screws from hardware store so they don't rust. This ones are just painted. It is very sturdy and classy. Fits my size 10 running shoe perfect. My husband's size 15 is quarter inch too short; so he needs to wipe them with soles little slanted.

It's a little smaller than I expected but I should ...
Amazon Customer

It's a little smaller than I expected but I should have paid closer attention to the size. You will need to have a wooden step (or block) in order to install it.

Five Stars
William M.

It was what it was supposed to be. Thumbs up

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