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Corner Desk Cherry Finish Poplar 30 in. H Corner Desk Unit Cherry Stai
Item ID # 148820
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$ 658.80 $ 549
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Corner Desk Honey Solid Pine Center Corner Desk Unit Honey Pine Stain
Item ID # 182014
In Stock
$ 766.80 $ 639
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Corner Desk Heirloom Solid Pine Center Corner Desk Unit Heirloom Pine
Item ID # 182015
In Stock
$ 766.80 $ 639
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Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 Product
Convenient Corner Furniture
A fantastic way to save space!
Perfect corner media cabinets and shelves.
Save space with cozy corner decorating pieces and one-of-a-kind corner furniture from Yield House, celebrated for durability and style.
Recent Customer Reviews
As described

Interior doors

Daintier that expected. No screws

Loved the cast iron but it is very small. No screws come with either. It is a functional lock but looks small on big door.I wont use it for original purpose. Comes with 2 plates to switch from floor and door lock.

Very Classic Design

Looks great! I will definitely be ordering more.

Perfect for my project

I am building a bar in my shop (still under construction; see photo) and these pulls fit the "industrial/farmhouse" game plan for the area. Some reviews say the cups are too small for fingers, but that isn't the case at all. As seen in attached photo, I have them on the drawers and they are comfortable to use. No issues on size. Good product. In fact, I just ordered more for another part of my place.

Measure of the bolt is length not width
Andy B.

Nothing it is too small

Black Cast Iron Door Slide Bolt 12in Monkey Tail Slide Bolt
J. West

Just as described, works great.

1611 KJV

Good product, heavy



They’re awesome
Amazon Customer

Love it, looks great!!!!!!!

The strap wrought iron hinges from this seller actually have a ' presence ' about them.

Just completed 200 plus ft of fencing,..the fence has four gates - a few weeks back ordered one set of these faux hinge sets to experiment with for design ideas - upon arrival, well, talk about ' love at first sight. ' The faux hinges arrive in their own little boxes - ( even the boxes that house the hinges - attractive, durable and of quality. ), upon opening the box one finds that each hinge is wrapped in their own sealed plastic bags. The hinges are extremely attractive in appearance - they actually have weight to them for their size, and they look amazing on the gates. And lastly,...I'm one that normally tosses the screws that arrive with products in that I prefer to utilize those from my own supply - but not this time - the screws naturally match the hinges but more importantly they have substance to them. Long story short,..was so impressed with the first set immediately took a moment to order three more sets. ( Actually ran a small bead of silicone caulk to the back of them just prior to screwing them down. Why? Thought I'd make it a tad more difficult for someone to remove them in the dark of night. ) To the seller - ty - excellent product & packaging.

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