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No Slam Slow Close Elongated Toilet Seat in White Renovators Supply

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  1. No Slam Elongated Toilet Seat Easy Close
  2. White Durable High Impact plastic resists staining & cracking
  3. Slow closing toilet seat hinge system for a soft close toilet seat lid
  4. Elongated toilet seat 18" L x 14 1/4"
  5. Toilet Seat with Quite, Safe and Slow Shut Lid
  6. Adjustable hinge fits standard hole spacing 4 to 6 1/2 in.
  7. Ergonomic design feels comfortable & safe
  8. Easy-clean hinges for hassle-free cleaning
  9. Purchase your Toilet Seat today.
"High Quality Products made by Renovators Supply Manufacturing"
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Product Description

  • White Plastic Toilet Seat that is definite to give you maximum comfort and stress-free life. Purchase your toilet seat today.


    - White elongated toilet seat constructed from high-impact plastic.

    - Features a No Slam hinge mechanisms that keeps your bathroom safe and quiet.

    - High-grade plastic construction that gives stain and crack resistance.

    - Adjustable hinges fit hole spacing from 2-1/4"" to 6-1/2"" and are designed for easy cleaning.

    - Ergonomic designed for maximum comfort.


    - Elongated Toilet Seat: Lid: 17 1/4 in. L x 13 3/4 in. W. Seat: 18 in. L x 14 1/4 in. W.

    Other Details:

    Item 13506.

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  • FULL YEAR 100% satisfaction guarantee
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R. HurleyTop Contributor: Sewing

The "no slam" feature works well but closes very slowly. Fortunately, you can close the seat and lid manually (I need it down to put my foot on the lid to dry off after a shower). The seat was simple to install but I can't tighten the nuts enough to prevent the seat from moving when I'm sitting on it. The seat fits the elongated bowl of my toilet well but feels flimsy. For roughly 25 dollars I was expecting something a little more substantial.

user icon
Betty G. Schwab
Comfortable Toilet Seat

So far, so good. This toilet seat is much more comfortable than the previous one. It’s been installed about two weeks so I don’t know how sturdy it will be. I like it so far.

user icon
C. Patrone
No more slamming toilet seats in my house.

You'll never go back to regular seats. The slow close mechanism works perfectly.

user icon
J. A. Camargo

Fantastic item, replaced all the toilet seats in the House everything looks much cleaner and it's definitely quieter without people slamming the seat

user icon
Perfect for 5 y/o’s with questionable bathroom habits.

Pretty cheaply made, which is what I expected for the price, but perfect for a 5 year old who’s aim makes us think he may need to get his eyes checked. Love the no slam design and his horrifying messes are easy to clean.

user icon
The only bad thing about this is that I am spoiled now ...

The only bad thing about this is that I am spoiled now by its no slam feature and my brain forgets that not everyone has such luxury so I tend to SLAM everyone else's toilet seat by accident. When they say something, I just point out that it is their fault for living with a 90's toilet seat and that modern people upgrade to this. It sounds like an unnecessary purchase, but you don't know how much you need this until you have it and then use someone else's toilet without it. I highly recommend EVERYONE get this.

user icon
S. Collins
Easy assembly with rigid fastener and flexible spacing for mounting bolts.

Easy clean, lightweight and definitely quiet close. Great to have with kids around. No chance of them dropping the lid on their fingers.

user icon
Jessica H
Super easy to clean and can’t chip off paint

I run an at home daycare and the kids have been doing a number on my bathroom especially the toilet seat so I got this in hopes to solve the slamming issue. It works amazingly. Super easy to clean and can’t chip off paint.

user icon
Amazons customers
Best Toilet Seat Ever!

Best toilet seat we ever purchased.....easy to install and their system of the sliding type of alignment is perfect...closes gently....we will be buying more...worth the price.

user icon
Five Stars

All plastic, no metal to rot

user icon
Safer seat, saves fingers/toilet from breakage

Standard installation was easy. Worried that older heavier seat would slam on kids' fingers; or break seat or even toilet. Pleased with product

user icon
Easy to install and works great.

Works great and it was easy to install. I love that the kids can't slam the toilet seat shut!

user icon
Too Small!

Works as described but seat cover is small for the toilet bowl.

user icon
Works good.. Just flimsy plastic

Works good..Just flimsy plastic. I have had it for a month or 2 and so far no issues.

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Chris O'Connor
IMPORTANT: You MUST have a bottom fixing toilet seat for this seat to work!

This toilet seat only works with "bottom fixing" toilets. This seller should mention that it is a bottom fixing toilet seat but does not mention this. I had to send it back and order a new product. In the sellers defense most toilet seats are bottom fixing so this will work fine in most cases. But if you have a toilet that doesn't allow you to access and hold the nut on the bottom while you tighten the bolt on the top then you have a "top fixing" toilet and the seat will not work. You have to search and by a top fixing toilet seat.

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