Toilet Seat Bumper Brown Silicone Pack Of 7 (5 Oblong 2 Round)

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  • Toilet Seat Bumpers Brown Silicone 7 Pack
  • Stop worrying about slipping & falling off that unsteady toilet seat.
  • Shop for high quality Toilet Seat Bumpers
  • Fix your unsteady toilet seat today.
  • Replace the bumpers with stabilized ones that keep you sitting tight.
  • Pack includes 5 oblong seat bumpers & 2 round lid cones
  • RELIEF yourself with the best quality TOILET SEAT BUMPERS.
  • Toilet Seat Bumpers that fits Renovator's Supply hardwood, bamboo and MDF seats.
  • Set Screws Included
  • Snap/Push to Install the 2 Small Round Bumpers
  • NO SALES TAX outside Massachusetts
  • WORLDWIDE shipping at your convenience
  • FULL YEAR 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • This pack of 7 toilet seat bumpers from Renovator's Supply is perfect for repairing your unstable toilet seat so that you can sit with confidence. Pack includes 5 oblong and 2 round silicone bumpers, all round to coordinate with wooden toilet seats. Installation hardware included. Sit tight and tension free with these amazing Toilet Seat bumpers. Installation instructions: - Small round bumpers are snap/push on head of screw. - Screw the small screws down and leave enough space to push/snap the bumper over the head of the screw.
Catlady December 15,2019
Sturdy! Great for heavier people when the factory plastic ones crush down.

Worked excellent for replacing the original cheap plastic factory installed ones on an oak seat. The original don't hold up to heavier people.These installed easily, did have to drill a new hole for each as they don't line up with original holes exactly. Softens sound when seat is accidentally let down from full upright. Have not had any issue with them since installed. Works well for a heavy individual.

Tim Rice February 21,2019
No screws.....

I needed to fix two commode seats but having never seen this product in the flesh I decided to order 1 set. They worked great. I love to softer rubber and they were very easy to install. The pack came with all the screws and even had to two smaller button pads that go between the seat and lid. I decided to reorder for the other commode. The problem, this set came only with the main 5 pads but didn’t have the two button pads or any screws. I had to find screws before I could even do the job.

Dragon Master December 13,2018
Great Seat Bumpers

I found these to be an excellent product. Theold bumpers were held on by nails. They were pretty easy to remove. The holes from the nails of the original bumpers exactly lined up with the holes for the screws that secure these new bumpers. I was at it with the seat bumper for no more than a hour, if that. The cover bumpers were a different story. The new ones are secured with screws that are larger than the screws for the seat bumpers. I drilled out the nail holes on the cover with great care, soo as to not drill all the way through the cover. I used a small "Ridgid" impact driver to install these screws, as the larger size and caution suggested that would be easier. I set them so that the base of the head was right at the surface of the cover. The bumpers for the cover snapped right on. These bumpers are silicone, so noticeably quieter than the original plastic. They are a little thicker than the original bumpers which lifts the seat slightly. To solve that problem, I got some "Hinge Bolt Washers" from Ace Hardware that seem like they will lift the back of the seat slightly.

Cowgirl BC August 6,2018
Bumpers Provide Cowgirl Comfort

The Brown Silicone Toilet Seat Bumpers are Perfect, solid pieces screwed onto our western wood toilet seat for great comfort, looks clean & professional, should last a long time & a great improvement from our plastic broken standard issue bumpers. Too bad I didn't take the before photo. I would recommend this solid item & was very pleased with the fast delivery service of this product. YEE HAW!

KFromOhio July 5,2018
Excellent quality and package contents

My original pads on the toilet seat were plastic and cracked after a short time. These are a rubber material and appear they will hold up better. Perhaps the only benefit of the plastic ones are that they may be better to clean and keep sanitary. But we'll see over time. These are definitely quieter and softer closing lid. I would definitely recommend these based on quality and package contents. I would buy again if I need for other seats

Barry Schweickert June 20,2018
These were easy to install and work well

I have a teak seat I got from WaMart years ago that had plastic bumpers which I have been gluing back together for a while now. They had gotten so fractured into little pieces I was losing some down the toilet. These were easy to install and work well. They are a little thicker than the old ones they replaced but will probably flatten a little over time.

Debbie May 7,2018
Holes don't line up.

I like the material these are made out of. It's just what I was looking for. However, the holes don't lune up with the existing holes in my toilet seat. So, akthoygh I did the best I could to affix them to my old seat, they screws scratch my porcelain toilet bowl, whenever I sit down on it.
Is there any brand of oblong toilet seats that already have this type of bumper affixed?

M. Bailey February 23,2018
Saved me the price of a new seat!

Well, that saved me the price of a new seat! I have an older wooden seat that has lasted at least 15 years, and one of the bumpers broke off. Bought these, installed a replacement, and voila! The distance between was slightly different, but with the wooden seat it was simple to just screw in the second screw using screwdriver pressure (didn't need to pre-drill). These are rubber instead of a stiff plastic and a slightly different color from the old bumpers. Don't care.

WSBooth February 1,2018
Toliet Comfort!

I received my order in a timely manner and the order was exactly as stated in the advertisement. I had no problems with repairing my toilet seat and appreciate the easy process of the complete order and my repair. When needed again i will order again from this manufacturer.

Hoosier Hayseed December 6,2017
Soft Seat

The plastic bumpers on my old toilet seat finally crunched and flattened out, and just fell apart, and so I ordered a new oak seat.
But it wasn't as long as my old seat, and left the front of the bowl showing, which didn't look too classy.
There wasn't anything actually wrong with my old oak seat, anyway, other than the dried-out and squashed bumpers, and so I ordered these.
I was leery of those that used glue to stick them on - because they invariably fall off, in time, but these used screws.
Plus, they were silicone, and not plastic.
I got these, and put them on, and it is totally silent when I lower the lid, and a softer, cushiony feel to sit on.
They're fine, and it sure beats a new seat which doesn't fit right, and doesn't look as good as the old one.

BV September 4,2017
I stripped and stained the seat to a beautiful cherry color so as to match the bathroom vanity

I Bought this bumper set to replace an old incomplete and broken white set on a toilet seat.
I stripped and stained the seat to a beautiful cherry color so as to match the bathroom vanity.
The "Brown Silicone Bumpers" blend in well with the cherry stain.
And because of the softness of the silicone, there is less noise when the seat is slammed down,
Perfect for my need!

T. Wong July 26,2017
Beware of metal screw heads touching toilet rim

Easy to install. While original holes did not match with replacement bumper holes, did not need to predrill new holes. Wood was soft enough to accept metal screws. However, we notice that the bumpers are so soft when one sits on the seat the metal screw heads hit the toilet rim. It caused a small nick on the rim. We put a small flat white adhesive cushion piece on the rim where the screws come down on the rim to prevent further damage. Unless you lift the toilet seat, one won't notice it. Also make sure you tighten screw as much as possible. This may help prevent screw from touching rim.

Garrison July 15,2017
High Quality!

These are very high quality seat bumpers. I used them on a custom mahogany seat and lid for a 1916 Crane toilet. I was very happy they screw on so I didn't have to swing a hammer anywhere near seat or commode. Screws will keep them secure for a lifetime. I was also very pleased with the softness of the silicone. All other bumpers I could find were hard plastic. Great protection for our irreplaceable antique toilets. Color was perfect against the wood. Glad to find this product. I bought a second set to replace plastic bumpers I had installed on the restored antique seat for upstairs toilet.

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