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Floor Wall Heat Air Grill Vent Grate Solid Brass 4.75
Floor Wall Heat Air Grill Vent Grate Solid Brass 4.75 "x 11"
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Authentic Solid Brass floor Grates & Heat Registers
Reproduction Victorian style heat registers and air return grilles, floor registers and wall registers. Shop decorative floor wall register units of all kinds.
Doesn't your home deserve the best? Take a look our floor heat registers. Our heat registers are made in aluminum, brass and steel.
Buy floor heat registers, wall registers and ceiling registers. Control & SAVE ™ featured exclusively on our stamped brass registers is the energy-saving technology that let’s you control of every room’s airflow with its infinitely adjustable louver assembly (damper box) that keeps vents in place. Decorative stamped solid brass air registers and grilles, also available in cast brass with open and shut side louver on floor heat registers.
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