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Cat ID-301 |Cast Aluminium & Steel Registers

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Reproduction Floor Heat Registers and Grilles made of cast aluminum with energy-saving technology or durable and sturdy steel.
Rustproof, maintenance-free cast aluminum floor heat registers and grilles. Durable and sturdy steel floor registers. View our collection of antique registers styled the old-fashioned way.
Cast Aluminum and Steel Floor Heat Registers and Grilles. Browse reproduction floor heat registers of all kinds.
Buy floor heat registers, wall registers and ceiling registers. Control, Lock & SAVE ™ featured exclusively on our cast aluminum floor heat registers is the energy-saving technology that let’s you control of every room’s airflow with its infinitely adjustable louver assembly (damper box) & locking mechanism that keeps vents in place. Decorative aluminum metal air registers and grilles, also available in steel with open and shut side louver on heat registers.
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