Premium Silicone White Door Stopper Tips 1/4" Inner Dia.

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  • Premium Silicone White Bumper Tip
  • 1/4" Inner Dia. 5/8" Outer Dia.
  • No Hardware Needed
  • Press onto doorstop stud to install
  • Shop for your Door Stop here today.
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  • FULL YEAR 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • This set of 10 white premium silicone door stopper replacement tips features high-quality material and construction that would bring an elegant finishing to your home. Our bumpers are made of premium, long-lasting silicone and can be installed with no tools, hardware or special experience. Inner Diameter is 1/4 inch, Outer Diameter is 5/8 inch. Shop for your Door Stops here today that will protect your walls. Item 20537
Planning to replace your old and outdated door stops? You've then landed at the right place. Our Item# 20537 is the perfect substitute. We offer it in an Economical Bag with 10 replacement tips, measuring up to 5/8 inches. These tips are made up of durable rubber and featuring cast finish, thereby eliminating the need of any further replacement in years to come.

The door bumpers are a must for any door, since they act as a protection shield against any sudden bang. These stoppers help in numerous ways, such stopping a door from widing too far and even instantly holds the door, when released with a full force. Our door bumper tips not only protect the doors from getting damaged, but also the wall.

Our door bumper tips are designed to save the wall from the inaccurately hung doors, which swing open and get closed abruptly.
Gail D February 25,2019
Fit perfectly, easy to install

I have an old house with brass doorstops everywhere. Over the years, several of the original rubber tips have dried out and fallen off. I'm doing a bit of renovating and found several of the doorstops that had been removed - to paint baseboards I guess, or because the unprotected end was damaging the door. I wasn't sure these tips would fit, but they are perfect. One detail, small in fixing up the house, but it's very satisfying.

Casey Co December 16,2018
Perfect replacement door stop tip!!

Perfect measurement (1/4" inner diameter and 5/8" outer diameter). Make sure you measure your current rubber tip and you'll know if it'll fit. See the review Lisa S.' picts, she had the same door stop as me and these fit perfectly. These are white and look much better than my old yellowing rubber ones.Did a remodel and my contractor lost on of these tips. Instead of replacing the whole door stop and having it not match everywhere, I got these and replaced all my old yellowing tips.

D. Murrells November 29,2018
Best silicone door stopper tips ever

My old door stopper tips kept falling off, were disintegrating, and ugly. I found these silicone ones online and immediately purchased them. They are great. Replaced tips on door stoppers near floor, as well as the adjustable stoppers that fit the upper door hinge to stop the door from hitting another door or wall. Those require two per device. I will be back to buy more as soon as I need them.

Alpha November 11,2018
Fits and looks great!

I'm quite happy with these, as the first ones I bought from another brand did not fit the door stoppers that I have in my house. For some reason the previous owner removed all the door stopper tips around the house before I moved in. These are a nice bright white and while it was not a struggle to pop them on, they seem to be staying quite well.

Jade Angelica September 18,2018
Made from Non-toxic material

I was thrilled to find these silicone door stop tips! I'd been searching for an alternative to the standard tips - which are rubber and vinyl. I'm allergic to rubber, and vinyl is one of the most toxic substances we have in our homes. This silicone tip fits perfectly on my existing door stop. This healthy, well-fitting door stop tip just made my day! Sometimes it's the little things that make us the happiest - and for me, this is one of those little things. I had been looking for 8 years!

Kevin D. August 20,2018
Perfect fit!

While these are shaped differently from my previous door stopper tips, they fit perfectly fine. I am using them on the baseboard-mounted spring type stoppers as well as hinge-mounted stoppers. Being silicone, I would expect them to last a very long time. We lost most of the spring-style tips to cats, but the hinge-mounted stoppers had all dry rotted so I replaced those too (the ones that hadn't already fallen off).

R. Atwell November 16,2017
These door stop caps are excellent. The original caps in my house had gotten ...

These door stop caps are excellent. The original caps in my house had gotten old and brittle. I couldn’t find new caps at the home center and new door stops were flimsy compared to my old ones. Also the new door stops had plastic caps that were hard plastic and likely to make dents in the door. These silicone caps are soft. They are easy to attach to the old stops. Great solution. I was actually very happy to find them.

Lisa S. March 21,2017
Great Product, just what I was looking for

I went looking in Local hardware stores for just these tips but was unable to find them and did not want to buy new metal arms and tips. I searched around a bit and found these and knew they were just what I needed. Typical rubber door stop tips are hard to put on because they are very stiff and get hard and crumble after years of use. These silicone tips are very easy to install and should last a long time because they are made out of silicone and not rubber. These are more expensive than I would want to spend but they work very well and should last the lifetime of my house while keeping door "dings" from my drywall and dents/hole from my door frame the rubber piece cracking and falling off.

These are very clean, white, and bright vs the yellow/grey of my old rubber tips. They are a little bit shorter/smaller than the rubber tips that they replaced but they work just fine in my case and would buy them again.

Glen Miranker March 12,2017
These stopper tips are great

These stopper tips are great -- seem more rugged/durable than the original rubber tips.
I would give them five stars but the tips are not fully opaque they are a bit translucent -- not to my taste.

MargaretNC April 16,2016
Brighter white than picture, pliable and stay in place

The pictures in Sue B's review on Feb 11, 2015 show the real color of these caps better than the company picture. On the first view, I was worried that the caps would be rigid plastic and difficult to place. Instead the plastic was pliable and easy to place, and stayed in place. I wish Lowe's would carry these; I bought a complete doorstop there when all I needed was a replacement cap. Thank goodness these generous sized packages are available at Amazon so I can fix more of these.

j.m.g. December 22,2015
Nice material, easy to put on

These are awesome. We just bought a house and, for whatever reason, the previous owners had pulled every single one of these little buggers off. I found these online, got them fast, and threw them on with no fuss. They look really nice and I'm glad they are actual rubber instead of plastic. We had to buy some new springs too and the door stops that came on those were cheapy plastic that didn't look very nice. So we pulled those off and replaced them with these fancy little things. They're awesome!

Bim Bousman August 9,2015
They work for me...

These will work great for you IF your door stops match... your metal door stop should have a short cylindrical "bulb" on the end that is about 3/8" across connected to the main body of the stop by a section that is about 1/4" across. The silicone tips are flexible and can be forced over the "bulb", where they will stay.

Phbrowne May 1,2015
My dog likes to peel these off and chew them like gum!

I have a Labradoodle who thinks these are just swell to chew (never swallows thankfully - just likes the rubbery texture). I take them away and put them back on the door stops but eventually they have to be replaces.

Got a pack to keep in the house. They fit perfectly and I like the clean look better than the grey that were on there.

BONUS! He does not seem to like the plastic-y texture of these. A little less like squishy rubber and more like firm, soft plastic. Works great and fits on all my standard, screw-to-the-wall doorstops.

JSU July 24,2014
Fits Heavy Duty 5/16" Spring Doorstops

Are they pricey? At $8.50/10 pack, yes! But that is still less than replacing 10 (heavy duty) door stops. I had already replaced a couple of stops with light duty door stops and the springs malformed and I have marred walls - factor that in! Heavy duty, spring type, door stop tips measure 5/16" and these slip on perfectly! The silicone has enough stretch. I'll be buying another pack to finish the job.

update 7/28/2014
I just reordered from the same vendor. It's interesting that the name changed from "Door Stops Premium White Silicone Bumper Tips 5/8'' OD 1/4'' ID. | 20537" to "Door Stops White Rubber, Replacement Bumper Tips 5/8 In. O.D. 1/4 In. I.D.".

Linda S. Harding February 7,2013
Door Stops White Rubber, Replacement Bumper Tips 5/8 in. O.D. 1/4 in.

OMG we were in greatly need of these rubber bumper tips. There were so many in our house that had deteriorated over the years. We looked everywhere for them and the only place that we could find something comparable was at Home Depot. However, they came in a package of different other types of bumper tips that we didn't need and maybe there was one or two that we could of used. Also, they were made of plastic which would suffice especially the kind of cheap doors we had. They probably would of made a dent in them. So therefore, we found these on Amazon and it was perfect. Super product and I hope they continue to sell these. I should of bought extra incase!

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