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Product Finishes, Protective Finishes & Styles

All of our items are clearly identified with their finish or their finish code. Below, you will find these codes and what they mean. Please review these codes carefully as it is very frustrating to a customer to receive an item with a finish other than expected. Much packaging time and shipping expense can be avoided by double checking your order for using the proper item number for a finish code. Our computer places your order based on the item numbers you supply us. If there is a discrepancy between the item number supplied and a written description, the order will be processed based on the item number supplied.

Finish Codes

RSF - Tarnish-free brass

P - Polished brass maintains shine with polishing

P&L - Polished and lacquered

C - Chrome- plated

RSF - Black - Weather-resistant black.

Finish Standards & Symbols

Reno-Gloss© - our exclusive Vitreous China finish

Wrought Iron - Wrought Iron is defined as any iron or steel metal that is made by various processes. Renovator's Supply does its best to accurately describe wrought iron items however, due to the handcrafted nature of these items their dimensions and likeness may vary. Where noted, Renovator's Supply wrought iron items are protected with a black RSF powder coating. We acknowledge that each company defines wrought iron differently. Email for further assistance on any wrought iron item.

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