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Cast Iron Boot Scraper With Brushes 12" Wide

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  1. Cast Iron Mud Boot Scraper with Brushes
  2. Perfect for Outdoor the Home, Business or Golf Course
  3. 5-1/2" High x 12" Wide x 10" Long
  4. Includes Two Brushes Pre-Assembled!
  5. Base is Drilled to Mount or may be used Freestanding
"High Quality Products made by Renovators Supply Manufacturing"
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Product Description

  • Clean the Mud and Gunk off your Boots or Golf Shoes with these Heavy Duty Cast Iron Boot Scrapers. Metal Scraper Bar and Two Natural Bristle Brushes for a complete clean. The base is drilled to mount or may be used freestanding. Two brushes are included Pre-Assembled with 7 1/4 in. Length x 2 1/4 in. Wide and The overall Boot Scraper is 12" Wide x 10 "Length x 5 1/2" Height. For replacement brushes see item 31135 Rensup
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If you're thinking, who uses boot scrapers in this 21st century then probably you are not aware of the fact that such items are now back in the market with a boom.Cast iron boot scraper is usually found in courtyard of homes. These are basically used to remove mud from the those dirty mud-dipped boots. At Renovator's Supply, we offer items made up of cast iron, so as to make them strong enough to remain firm in one position while being in use.Although these were favored outdoor home accessories in Victorian Era, they are now back in market because of their antiquated nature and usefulness. These days, home renovators are looking for such pieces to keep away those muddy boots approaching their cars or finely raised pathways through their beautiful gardens.In order to facilitate more, our products such as Item# 21135 is equipped with two brushes on either side to ensure complete cleaning of the boots.
spec-<PRE>Cast Iron Boot Scraper With Brushes 12" Wide </PRE>
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