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Black Iron Glove Mitten Dryer Rack Holder Wall/Ceiling Hung 6 Rungs

Black Iron Glove Mitten Dryer Rack Holder Wall/Ceiling Hung 6 Rungs
Black Iron Glove Mitten Dryer Rack Holder Wall/Ceiling Hung 6 Rungs
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  1. Mitten Dryers built to last. Get your Mitten Dryers here today.
  2. Features a clever design to dry 3 pairs at a time
  3. Makes a charming & useful accent to your hearth
  4. Comes with our exclusive RSF Powder Coat Black protective finish
  5. Comes complete with hook for hanging
"High Quality Products made by Renovators Supply Manufacturing"
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Product Description

  • Fireplace or Entry Way Holiday Winter Time Accessories, This clever Mitten Rack Holder Design allows you to dry three pairs of wet mittens at once. Made of wrought iron with Black Powder Coat Finish for Protection and Rustic Decorum. 6 Prong Arms and Hook for Ceiling or Wall Mount Use.
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  • FULL YEAR 100% satisfaction guarantee
spec-<PRE>Black Iron Glove Mitten Dryer Rack Holder Wall/Ceiling Hung 6  Rungs</PRE>
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kathy johnson
Mittens Dryer

Cute, not too big, can hang out of the way.

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What I expected but made in India not in New England

I ordered two to hang from the mantel on the fireplace for mitten and hat drying. We don't have room on the floor.The hanger seems well made. Round stock for both the vertical and horizontal pieces. Horizontals welded to the vertical hanger. The hanger is about 18" top to bottom, but if you add the S hook they send along it is closer to 24" top to bottom total. The side hangers range from 5 1/2" at the top to 7 1/2" long at the bottom. The loops or curls at the end of the side hangers are 2 1/2" top to bottom, so if you have gloves or mittens with narrow openings, you will need to pull them on rather than simply drop them on. The iron has a slightly rough texture on the surface. I dangerously assume this I the rust resistant finish? In any case, it is rough enough to cause my hats and gloves to catch and tug when I put them on or take them off. Just enough to make it annoying. I have other cast pieces and this roughness is unusual. It hangs straight if you load both sides evenly. It hangs just a little off kilter if you load only one side, but not bad at all (see photo). Overall I think it will do what I need it to do and I think it looks nice. My biggest gripe is that the info on the product listed on Amazon specifically says that the hanger is "crafted in our New England forge." Well, for that to be true, the New England forge that they refer to is located in India because the sticker on the packaging says "Made in India." Really disappointed and more than a little peeved at that. And for that, they lost 2 stars. It the mitten hanger had been made in New England, as stated, I would have given it 4 stars...removing one for the roughness of the metal.

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