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Edgewood 20" Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink White with Overflow

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  1. Edgewood Design Wall Mounted Sink in White Space Saving Compact Style
  2. Dimensions: 20" Length x 9" Projection X 8-1/4" Height
  3. Easy Lag Bolt Slip-on Installation Mounting, No Bracket Necessary
  4. Scratch and Stain Resistant Long Lasting Heavy Duty Ceramic Porcelain
  5. Single Faucet Hole Boring with Overflow, Faucet and drain not included
"High Quality Products made by Renovators Supply Manufacturing"
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Product Description

  • Small Wall Mount Bathroom Sink from Renovator's Supply features durable porcelain Construction with Porcelain Gloss Finish. Easy to Clean, Scratch and Stain Resistant. Easy Lag Bolt Installation Cute Elegant Little Sink for a great space saving design. Faucet and drain sold separately. Mounting bracket not required, installs with lag bolts only.


    • Durable, easy clean contemporary vessel sink.
    • Wall mount sinks save space without sacrificing the luxury of a spacious sink.
    • Constructed from gorgeous porcelain for durability and easy cleanup.
    • RENO-GLOSS finish protects from scratches and stains.
    • Authentic Renovator's Supply logo guarantees better quality than the knockoffs.


    OVERALL: 8-1/4'' High x 20'' Wide x 9'' Proj.

    BASIN: 4-1/4 Deep x 12-1/4 Wide x 6-1/2 Proj.

    Other Details

    Installation Style: Wall Mount

    Design Inspirations: Vintage / antique stylings

    What's Included

    One (1) Wall Mount Porcelain Sink Features Authentic Renovator's Supply Logo for ANSI Compliance Requirements.

    Features Authentic Renovator's Supply Logo.
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  • FULL YEAR 100% satisfaction guarantee
Frustrated by the limited space in your bathroom? When space is limited, small-profile sinks, such as our small square sink wall-mount can be a great idea.

Our sinks are terrific space-savers, allowing you to see the tiles behind the sink. If storage space is not your concern then our item no. 14229 is the best available option. Now complement your new sink with any rectangle-shaped mirror to mimic the design of your sink.

Larger, vanity-style sink offer space for storage, but will occupy maximum space. So, our small wall-mount sinks are a better option, which provide the best of both worlds -- compact size with storage underneath and counter space around the basin.

Our exclusive range of this classic square-shaped white porcelain sink can easily fit in any decor! Plus, the Reno-Gloss finish can resist any household stain, thus making it easy-to-clean. Installation is also easy. You can refer our instruction manual for installing it.
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small size is a BIG hit

We added an under-the-stairway powder room. This sink was just the ticket. The price was ½ that of the big name brands. It is deep enough to get my big man hands in to wash, and small enough to scoot by once inside the room. Be sure to use the sink with a moderate high rise single hole faucet, which will allow for more depth for hand washing. There is a bar soap depression on the left hand side also. The photo shows how we glued (heavy duty construction adhesive) three 12" ceramic tiles to the walls to act as a splash barrier. We will use ready mix grout between the tiles once the adhesive sets up. p.s. we used a small amount of construction adhesive behind the sink to help secure it to the wall also. Be sure to install adequate blocking behind the sink to allow the included lag screws to hold the sink. We also screwed small wood blocks to the wall for the sink to rest upon as we tightened the lags.

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J. Boggess
Fantastic tiny sink!

This sink was PERFECT for my small space, and has already received so many compliments! Installation was simple, and I could not be happier with it.

user icon
Excellent for small spaces

Only had 8 inches left in the small bathroom from the wall to door opening. Almost decided not to install sink till found this one. Fits perfectly, works great. Installation was not bad at all.

user icon
Awesome Little Sink!

This sink is perfect for our post-war powder room. It was an easy install for our plumber and it gave us much more room. I have heard from people with ultra-large hands they find it awkward to get both hands under because its so close to the wall but it's better than anything else we could have fit in the space.

user icon
Nifty little sink

Nice little sink which hangs easily on the wall.

user icon
Computer Tech
NICE! And Made in the USA!

What a nice sink! Bought this for the small bathroom in my new shop - just a place to cleanup after - well you know...
I look forward to receiving the antique looking faucet and drain that i ordered for it so i can get it installed. Looks well made - nice mountings - came with mounting lags and washers. And even better - Made In The USA!

user icon
Perfect little sink for my bathroom renovation.

I needed a small sink for my bathroom and this fit the bill perfectly! Leaves plenty of room to move around the small bathroom and gets the job done! Nice quality, but it was a bit tricky to hang.

user icon
Little Feet

This beautiful little sink is perfect for my half-bath! I love the shape and it doesn't stick out very far from the wall which is very nice. It's hard to get good a good picture as the room is quite small but I've attached a few.

user icon
Staring at the overflow

Although the picture shows it, I didn't notice at first. Why they didn't simply make the mold with the hole in the front size, hidden from view, I don't know. Otherwise, a good sink for a tight space. I turned the water down a bit as the flow was a bit much for the small sink, but it's what I needed for a tight space

user icon
Cute little sink

Works for a very small bathroom and great for kids. Our 1/2 bath is about 12 sq ft so we needed a tiny sink for our renovation this past summer. I call it our drinking fountain sink. Easy for the kids to access. We created a niche above it since there's very little room for a soap dispenser. Wish there was a little cabinet underneath but due to toilet accessibility we couldn't have one. Maybe one day I'll sew a little curtain and attach it underneath the sink. Definitely go for a low height faucet because a large one wouldn't look good with how tiny the sink is. Plumber had some difficulty installing the faucet as there isn't much room to work. We did put a board behind the wall during the renovation and then screwed into that to secure it to the wall. Well made and good product overall.

user icon
Martha Bryant

Cute little sink for my half bath. I have gotten a few compliments on it. It was packed very well. I would recommend this sink for any small bathroom that would need a small sink.

user icon
Very easy install. No surprises

Very easy install. No surprises. Wish it had come with a mounting hole template, but that was a non-issue. Used a standard single hole Delta faucet and a pop up drain with overflow. Has no built-in back splash, so you will need to make one and caulk well.

user icon
Amazon Customer
This one looks SOOOO much better and our plumber was able to install it with ...

We purchased this for a tiny bathroom that is only 3' wide by 4' deep. The old square sink literally blocked part of the doorway. This one looks SOOOO much better and our plumber was able to install it with only a little bit of extra work. He also built a little white, wood-covered frame to hide the water lines and drain.I really appreciated that it comes with a perfect faucet and drain, although we used a white trap and flexible parts below the sink to keep everything as close to the wall as possible. When I called customer service they were easy to reach and pleasantly helpful.

user icon
Photos of our tiny bathroom addition

This is a beautiful sink. We added a 1/2 bathroom and used it. It is attached to the wall but we sat it on a rustic board to add space for soap. I also added the tile background with leftovers. Hope this helps answer questions!

user icon
Kyle D.
Great style & size

Great style & size, BUT the underneath is NOT glazed white like the rest of the sink and the glaze has drips and splatter marks belly side/underneath with a greenish colored belly. For an exposed wall mount which this is, it's an eye sore that I'm trying to figured out a solution for...

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