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Small Wall Mount Sink White Porcelain Ceramic Single Faucet Hole and Overflow Space Saving Design Manufacturing

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  1. Space Saving Small Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Glossy Porcelain Ceramic
  2. 17-1/8" Wide x 5-3/4" High x 10-1/2" Proj.
  3. Faucet, Drain and P-Trap Sold Separately
  4. Mounts with Two Lag Bolts, No Bracket Required
  5. Scratch and Stain Resistant Easy Clean
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Product Description

  • This Compact Space Saving Small Wall Mount Vessel Sink from Renovator's Supply is designed for small bathrooms, cabins, campers, trailers, treehouses. It's cute elegant durable Porcelain Glossy Design is easy to clean and is scratch and stain resistant.

    - Width along wall: 17.125'' 435mm - Projection: 10.5'' 267mm - Height: 5.75'' 146mm - Drain Hole Diameter: 1 3/4'' - Weight: 10

    Items Included
    - Number of Basins: 1
    - Number of Holes: 3


    • Elegantly sculptured small wall mount sink with faucet hole and overflow.
    • It also features a sleek semicircular design.
    • It is ASME compliant.
    • The Renovator's Supply model number 21667.
    • Small Wall Mount Sink of White Porcelain Finish.
    • 17-1/8'''' Wide x 5-3/4'''' High x 10-1/2'''' Proj.
    • Faucet, Drain, and P-Trap Sold Separately. Does not Include Overflow Cover.
    • Mounts with Two Lag Bolts, No Bracket Required.
    • Compact White Wall Mount Vessel Sink Scratch and Stain Resistant.
    • NO SALES TAX outside Massachusetts
    • WORLDWIDE shipping at your convenience
    • FULL YEAR 100% satisfaction guarantee
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Nifty little sink

Nice little sink which hangs easily on the wall.

need pop up drain

You will need a pop up drain, as they are wider than standard ones. The casting is average at best, and the drain vent is a piece of plastic chrome that wont match other faucet colors. But it is a small sink that works great in a small room.

Perfect little sink for my bathroom renovation.

I needed a small sink for my bathroom and this fit the bill perfectly! Leaves plenty of room to move around the small bathroom and gets the job done! Nice quality, but it was a bit tricky to hang.

Little Feet

This beautiful little sink is perfect for my half-bath! I love the shape and it doesn't stick out very far from the wall which is very nice. It's hard to get good a good picture as the room is quite small but I've attached a few.

Bob Kalinowski
Five Stars

Nice looking, useful sink for small bathroom. Very impressed.

Cute little sink

Works for a very small bathroom and great for kids. Our 1/2 bath is about 12 sq ft so we needed a tiny sink for our renovation this past summer. I call it our drinking fountain sink. Easy for the kids to access. We created a niche above it since there's very little room for a soap dispenser. Wish there was a little cabinet underneath but due to toilet accessibility we couldn't have one. Maybe one day I'll sew a little curtain and attach it underneath the sink. Definitely go for a low height faucet because a large one wouldn't look good with how tiny the sink is. Plumber had some difficulty installing the faucet as there isn't much room to work. We did put a board behind the wall during the renovation and then screwed into that to secure it to the wall. Well made and good product overall.

Small and perfect

Used in a tiny bathroom and it's perfect. Takes up a lot less room than a normal sink, but feels natural.

M Gates
Good sink, worked great for my project.

This very small sink was what I was looking for in my very small bathroom. It fits perfectly. I did have to look for a different drain pipe- it wasn’t as deep as a standard sink, I guess.

Martha Bryant

Cute little sink for my half bath. I have gotten a few compliments on it. It was packed very well. I would recommend this sink for any small bathroom that would need a small sink.

Mouse Mouserton
Tiny & cute

It's really cute and efficient in our 5' by 5' bathroom. It's hard to get a faucet that fits though.

Five Stars

Perfect for the closet that was turned into a bathroom. Really cute and stylish and tiny!!!

Jan M.
cute little sink that is out of the way. ...

cute little sink that is out of the way. Small bath, needed the area down below for a trash can and a pedestal wouldn't work

Photos of our tiny bathroom addition

This is a beautiful sink. We added a 1/2 bathroom and used it. It is attached to the wall but we sat it on a rustic board to add space for soap. I also added the tile background with leftovers. Hope this helps answer questions!

Kyle D.
Great style & size

Great style & size, BUT the underneath is NOT glazed white like the rest of the sink and the glaze has drips and splatter marks belly side/underneath with a greenish colored belly. For an exposed wall mount which this is, it's an eye sore that I'm trying to figured out a solution for...

the single feed faucets works just like the ones at Home Depot and Walmart

well for my tiny/cramped washroom in the works well and buys me an additional 2 inches of stand up some style and function w/ soap holder and overflow holes....all went well - delivery, installation instructions, but being tiny - finding a proportional mixing faucet will be difficult....most single hole double feed faucets (that mix hot and cold)are for full sized sinks... (all faucets being 5 inches + tall)having bought one it looks really awkward... <just use a ruler to visually gauge>however for me - this being a basement work environment toilet and a washup...there are smaller more proportional faucets that appear more to scale...<but are not mixing are single hole single feed... 1/2" hot or cold replacement faucets>assuming you have 3/8" compression feed pipes for your old sink...all that is needed to match is a single (hot or cold) replacement 1/2" feed faucet<as shown>- will be -a 1/2" MNPT Tee to feed the faucet... from hot and cold feeds pipes (assuming you have shutoffs to regulate the flow and mix)plus (2) 3/8's compression to 1/2" FIP conversion connecting cables.. to convert the differing sizes. (also standard)assuming you have hot and cold shutoffs... on the 3/8" copper feed lines...and a (Std) 1/2" to 1/2" connecting cable for the Tee to Faucet connection.the conversion cables will send hot and cold from 3/8ths copper lines to the 1/2" Tee (mixing the water)and the Tee feeds mixed hot and cold to the faucet... regulated thru the shutoffs.the shutoff settings will adjust the mix (warmth and flow) out of the faucet... saving you an additional $70 to $80for a manufactured mixing valve...when done fire up the furnace/water heater and turn on faucet and adjust shutoffs for warm water...the single feed faucets works just like the ones at Home Depot and Walmart...are pre adjusted with more expensive no mixing faucets... (and no risk of scalding)

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